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Keep Your Lawn Looking Neat and Tidy

Professional Lawn Mowing Services

Experience the difference with our comprehensive Lawn Mowing Services. At Seacoast EcoMow, we go beyond just mowing. Every visit from our team includes meticulous mowing, precise line trimming, crisp edging, thorough blowing off of debris, and responsible composting of organic materials. Our Eco-friendly, state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision and care in every task.

We strongly recommend our weekly service to maintain the optimum health and visual appeal of your lawn. However, we also offer a bi-weekly service, accommodating different schedules and lawn care requirements. Choose Seacoast EcoMow and let us tailor a mowing schedule that best suits your lawn’s needs and your lifestyle.

Keep Your Garden Beds Looking Beautiful and Healthy

Garden Bed Maintenance Services

Our expert team provides professional garden bed maintenance services to help you maintain a beautiful and healthy garden. We’ll work with you to develop a custom plan that meets your needs and keeps your garden beds looking their best. Our services include weeding, edging, mulching, plantings, and pruning. We use only sustainable and Eco-friendly products, ensuring that your garden is healthy and thriving without harming the environment.

Keep Your Hedges Looking Neat and Tidy

Hedge Trimming Services

Seacoast EcoMow offers expert hedge trimming services, prioritizing aesthetics and hedge health. Our professional team, using quiet, efficient electric trimmers, reduces noise pollution while maintaining your hedges. We collaborate with you to tailor a trimming schedule that keeps your hedges looking pristine year-round. Choose us for a greener approach to hedge maintenance.

Get Your Lawn and Garden Ready for the Seasons

Seasonal Cleanups

Prepare your lawn and garden for each season’s unique demands with our customizable seasonal cleanup services, suitable for both residential and commercial properties. Our team at Seacoast EcoMow diligently removes leaves, sticks, and debris from all around your property, recycling and composting the collected waste in an Eco-friendly manner. Regular seasonal cleanup not only prepares your outdoor spaces for the months ahead but also promotes lawn health and enhances your properties value and curb appeal. Rely on us to keep your green spaces in top shape all year round, with services tailored to meet your property’s specific needs.

Areas We Service:

Portsmouth, NH

New Castle, NH

Rye, NH

Greenland, NH

Newington, NH

Dover, NH

Durham, NH

Stratham, NH